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>>> with just mofr than 24 hourgs to go now until votes are in, president obama has inched out to a slim advantage. the president now has a three-point lead in the popular vote over mitt romney according to latest tracking poll from abc news and washington post. abc 7 news political reporter is live at the campaign head quarters in chicago tonight. we're here in chicago is obama country about as blue as bay area here. so makes sense this is where the president will spend tomorrow fight. today he had important places to be. the president started his last day on the catch yain in wis wisms a huge crowd estimated 18,000 cheered him on. >> you know i'll fight for you as hard as i know how. you know that will happen. >> the crucial state is ohio. he and mitt romney in columbus today. the president will finish up tonight in iowa. he started his first campaign four years ago. >> we know we've got more work to do. >> for mitt romney it's a win in florida, virginia and ohio. he needs to sweep all three. he will finish up tomorrow, watching returns in boston. >> do you want real change? >> preside
obama during six hours around the victory then the word romney. >> there is a twin dx showing tweets about health care spiked sharply during debates, tweets about gay rights skyrocketed and people started tweeting positive things about both candidates in response to respective get out of the vote messages.. >> the twitter index was meaningful. it began to show the conversations on twitter are shaping the dialogue of the race. it's like a nationwide caucus happening. >> it breaks down voter sentiments by state. and if there is one thing sure it's this. role of social media in politics only continues to grow. >> yes. certainly. >> the nurest member of the bay area congressional delegation offered no apology for unseating a veteran incumbent. eric swalwell beat pete stark, representative. eric swalwell intern forward don gres woman ellen tousher. he does not apologize for being the rookie congressman. he admit tok overwhelmed as he won last night. >> just upgrade to give them that hard-earned victory.;t because they believe to me early. crazy and out of our minds therk believed in me. >
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2